Patty-Ann Farrell
Lighting Design for the Stage

I grew up traveling and I loved seeing the world. My father was career military and the family was always on the move. His travel wisdom was: "Eat the food, drink the drink, dance the dance and you will better understand each culture."

As a child visiting Italy I watched the girl playing "Lucia", the bringer of light in winter, adorned with candles on her head in procession with her village at dusk. The beauty of the natural play of light, especially within ritual and dance stays with me.

As a teen we moved to Hawai'i and I fell in love with the light and shadow which saturates that sacred land. The rich colors and textures of Hawai'i stay with me. As a lighting designer, I've tried to bring a sense of these feelings to my work on stage. Enjoy these pictures of my work, celebrating the art of live performance!


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