with thanks to those who have inspired and helped me go on...


with Jack Davis

Long ago Jack Davis clearly put me on this path.


Lenord J.Cosky and Chad Atkins-Harris worked with me until I understood it.



Carlos K Carvajal inspired.



Michael Garrett still fixes the really big problems.


Jack Carpenter

Jack Carpenter so full of talent AND the final technical schedule. 


Sean Riley

Sean Riley creates excellent solutions...for the excellent problems.


Terry Mullen

Terry Mullen


Tom White

Tom White  

Janeen Johnson

Janeen Johnson whole world production queen creates connections 


Marty McGee

Marty McGee with endless patience sharpens each and every image line.


Bob Klemm

Bob Klemm

Kevin Taylor

Kevin Taylor IS ground control.


Brian Schuman

Brian Schuman always knows where to find it. 


Julie Mau and Bobbie Mendes

Julie Mau and Bobbie Mendes leading with strength and love... Mahalo


Patrick Makuakane... "Patrick would go!"  

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